Are you generating enough returns on your tele calling database? Tele calling involves a lot of effort in terms of money, man power, time and effort. Even if a single lead is lost because of a lapse in follow up, it can be very frustrating for any sales manager. Are you still using spreadsheets just because there is no other alternative in sight? Are you not able to generate good ROI on your database?

If so, then you really need to try out, our amazing services. Digiway helps tracking, ensuring follow-ups and generating reports for all your outbound calling efforts.

The Call Canter Application with Real Time Reporting enables the top level administrator to access the performance remotely and to have the typical calling facilities and features at their disposal. It resolves typical issues of manual processes and activities into a controlled and closely monitored work flow in the architecture of the application. The system makes it friendly to distribute, share and manage the calling entities with higher efficiency and easiness.

Features List:

  • Interface for agents to call clients in succession from a database through a web-client.
  • Live script for agent so that accuracy of delivered word to customer is good.
  • Ability to set user levels and permissions for certain features and campaigns.
  • Ability for managers to listen-in on agent conversations.
  • Ability for managers to enter conversations with agents and customers.
  • Ability for managers to change the selected queues for an agent.
  • Ability for agents to select a Pause Code when they are not active.
  • Ability for agents to control volume levels and mute themselves.
  • Ability for agents to view the statuses of other agents on the system.
  • Ability for agents to view details for calls in queue and selected from to take calls.
  • Ability for agents to select and click to take calls in queue from their agent screen.
  • Web-based administration with lead import API and web-based data export utilities.
  • Ability to set a campaign to auto-dial and send live calls to available agents.
  • Ability to transfer calls with customer data to local or remote server.
  • Ability to open a custom web page with user data from the call, per campaign.
  • Ability to autodial campaigns to start with a simple IVR then direct to agent.
  • Ability to park the customer with custom music per campaign.
  • Ability to send a dropped call to a voicemail box, queue or extension if no agent is available.
  • Ability to set outbound Caller ID per campaign or per list.
  • Ability to have an agent take both inbound and outbound calls in one session (blended).
  • Ability to start and stop recording an agent's calls at any time.
  • Ability to automatically record all calls.
  • Automatically dial unlimited alternate numbers per customer until you get an answer.
  • Ability to schedule a callback with a customer as either any-agent or agent-specific.
  • Ability for agents to be logged in remotely anywhere with just a phone and a web browser.
  • Ability to use custom database queries in campaign dialing.
  • System-wide and per-campaign DNC lists that can optionally be activated per campaign.
  • All calls are logged and statuses of calls are logged as well as agent time breakdowns.
  • Several real-time and summary reports and campaign display screens.
  • Custom Music-On-Hold and agent alert sound for inbound calls.
  • Estimated hold time, place in line, overflow queues and several other inbound-only features.

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